A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Fight in this 2-player game where the T-rex's goal is to stop the Triceratops from reaching the top within 30 seconds!

Player 1
[WASD] or [Arrow Keys] to move the Triceratops around the screen and avoid the incoming projectiles
[Space] to use the Dash ability on the Triceratops to get those near misses

Player 2
[Mouse] to aim where the T-rex
[Left Mouse Button] to fire out projectiles at the Triceratops
[Hold LMB] to charge up the next projectile to fire, increasing its velocity

Meet the team:
- Matt Jukes
- Suli Nelson
- Jordan Haakma
- Gordon Fong


DD_v3.0_release_WINDOWS.zip 23 MB
DD_v3.0_release_MAC.app.zip 34 MB
DD_v3.0_release_LINUX.zip 36 MB

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